With A Heat Pump, Do I Still Need A Furnace? | TEK Climate

If I Install A Heat Pump, Do I Still Need A Furnace?

When it’s hot outside, your heat pump acts like an AC, cooling your home by taking heat out and sending it outside. But in colder months, it flips the script. The heat pump grabs heat from the outside air and brings it inside to warm your home.

In warmer areas where you don’t need much heating, the heat pump teams up with an air handler. The heat pump does the heating and cooling, while the air handler circulates the air throughout your place.

Now, in chillier regions that demand more heating during winter, the heat pump pairs up with a gas furnace, creating what’s called a dual-fuel system. When it’s cool but not freezing, the heat pump handles the heating, and the furnace helps distribute the warm air. But when it gets super cold, the heat pump takes a break, and the furnace takes over, doing all the heating and air movement.

The cool thing about a dual-fuel system is that it can warm your home using either gas or electricity, keeping you cozy and energy-efficient no matter how frigid it gets. So, whether it’s hot or cold, your heat pump and its trusty sidekick have got your back!