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hydronic heat pumps


The air-to-air heat pump does not get geothermal technology but gets its heat from the outdoor air. Our air-to-air heat pump delivers heating and cooling through ductwork.

Air-to-air and Water

This air source heat pump provides heat via radiant in-floor, and heating and cooling via forced air. This heat pump is ideal for new construction or light commercial.


This air source heat pump does not use geothermal technology. It provides heat via radiant in-floor heating and cooling via hydronic fan coils. Ideal for residential and commercial settings.

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At TEK Climate Heating and Air Conditioning we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and high quality heating systems to our customers. Here are some examples of what customers have shared with us about their heat pump installations and repairs.

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Hydronic Heat Pumps Installations

Call us to schedule an in-home estimate with an expert to visit your home and discuss your comfort needs and the available heat pump options for your home.

If you believe we are a great fit for you, let us know. We’ll answer any additional questions you may have and begin the planning and preparation for your new heat pump.

After removing the old equipment from your home, the new equipment is prepared and installed. Once ready, the installation team tests the new system to ensure everything is in the expected working order.

We will bring the heat pump rebates application form with us on the day of installation. We will help you complete the form, and process the application on your behalf. The rebate cheque will come back to you directly up to 90 days later.

Hydronic Heat Pumps Repair

Call or book your heat pump service online and we’ll schedule a time for that works for you and your family’s schedule.

Our tech will diagnose the issue, explain the solutions and pricing, so there’s no surprises.

We’ll get to work to get your heat pump performing to it’s optimal level.