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How Often Should A Gas Furnace Be Maintained

How Often Should A Gas Furnace Be Maintained?

Here are a few of the many reasons you should complete an annual furnace maintenance:


Because Furnaces and Boilers burn fossil fuel, they can emit harmful gasses into your home like carbon monoxide, this can be very harmful to you and your family.

A yearly maintenance check will ensure that your furnace is appropriately exhausting these gasses outside and there are no cracks or leaks in the heat exchanger which can be very dangerous.

We also recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector close to the furnace room.


If you have your furnace or boiler maintained regularly then it will continue to operate at the efficiency promised by the manufacturer, not doing this can mean that the furnace or boiler will operate below this standard meaning that its effectiveness decreases.

Essentially, this means that it costs you more to heat your home, so a furnace service saves you money over time.


The better you maintain your furnace or boiler, the longer it will last, we have seen it so many times over the years, a well-maintained system can outlast a neglected one.

It’s just like a car, the better you look after it, the longer it will last, meaning you don’t need to replace it as often which saves you money.



Because our technician is checking every part in the furnace they are in the perfect position to find small or big problems, if that check-up is regular, then it allows us to get a grasp of how the furnace is behaving.

If a part looks to be wearing out or becoming noisy then we can replace the piece before it fails which is usually on the coldest day when the furnace is working the hardest, so you avoid emergency call outs or even worse not being able to get anyone because so many furnaces have broken. We will never replace a part that is not necessary and always make recommendations to you the customer and let you decide.


If your furnace is still under warranty then annual furnace service is even more important, every furnace manufacturer stipulates in their manual that to maintain the warranty you must have a regular servicing for your furnace.

If you don’t and a part breaks due to lack of maintenance then the manufacturer could void your warranty meaning you are on the hook for the cost, don’t risk this happening by getting your furnace maintained every year.