Can I Put A Cover Over My Outdoor Heat Pump? | TEK Climate

Can I Put A Cover Over My Outdoor Heat Pump?

The answer is a big fat NO when it comes to covering your heat pump. Why, you ask? Well, here’s the deal: your heat pump runs all year long, so it needs to breathe freely. Blocking its sides can mess with its airflow and performance.

Sure, a storm might dump snow or ice on top of your heat pump. Don’t panic! You can gently remove the snowy stuff from the top, but don’t even think about scraping it off the sides. That’s a recipe for disaster, my friend, and could cause serious damage.

Here’s the good news: your trusty heat pump has got your back. It’s designed to go into defrost mode when needed, melting any frozen precipitation that dares to cling to it. But hey, if your heat pump doesn’t kick into defrost mode as it should, don’t delay. Call in the HVAC experts pronto for a quick fix.

Remember, keep your heat pump uncovered, let it do its thing, and it’ll keep you cozy all year round.