Langley Furnace Repairs

Shopping for a new furnace in Langley can be stressful, but with Tek Climate we take the stress out of the situation. With straightforward pricing on our furnaces, including every aspect of the job we make life easier for you the consumer,  and offer the best warranties available make it an easy choice to make. We have many different options to suit every home and budget.

Did you know that you could save up to 40% in gas savings just by switching your old mid efficient unit to the installation of a high-efficiency furnace unit? Most old furnace installations were only 80% efficient when they were installed, add on top of this loss of efficiency over the years you can see where your savings come from. When you install 95%+ efficiency furnaces you see big savings, added comfort, better control of the system, better air quality and also electricity savings.

Installing Furnaces With Tek Climate in Langley

Our sales team is highly trained and tasked to provide you with the best option for you and your home, they are not there to pressure or tell you what you need rather they are there to listen to you your wants and needs and then provide you with a couple of options to choose from which can either be a furnace repair, furnace service, or furnace installation. All furnaces and heating systems are properly sized for your homes heating meaning that you will get the right amount of heat in the winter months keeping the systems comfort high and your energy bills low. This paired with a highly skilled furnace installation team make for the perfect package for you the homeowner.

When Is It Time To Call Us For Langley Furnace Services?

Not only do we install furnaces but we also complete furnace repair and furnace service. We work on any brands and ages of the unit so no matter your issue we can get you back up and running.

When it comes to furnaces and needing service we have an expert team ready to perform all types of heaters, whether it’s a pre-fall/winter tune-up or a safety check we are here to help.

All manufacturers say that a stove must be serviced once a year to maintain a warranty and even if your unit is out of warranty we still recommend a yearly service to make sure that the system is working at its highest level and also so that it prolongs the life.

A furnace service is like car maintenance, the better you look after it, the longer it will last and the better it will perform, and when it comes to those cold winter days, you want your system to be working at the peak of its ability to keep your home warm.

What’s Included In Our Langley Heating Service Package?

Full furnace service and maintenance includes a 25 point safety inspection, a gas leak test, carbon monoxide test, flame rollout, delayed ignition, check the wiring, remove and clean the burners if possible and a change of a standard filter, we will also check over the water heater.

All of these aspects of the furnace service help your system work to the best of its ability and will limit breakdowns in the future; we are also able to catch issues before they become more significant problems.

What can be especially important is if you have an air conditioning unit your furnace works twice as hard as if you didn’t because that unit is moving around the home all year round so annual servicing is so essential in this case. Lack of furnace maintenance can also lead to breakdowns, and then you require furnace repairs which can be costly and take a lot of time.

Why Tek Climate Is The Company To Hire

When it comes to furnaces and heating repairs the most important thing you can do is call a company with experience and knowledge of dealing with heaters and gas, just like us with over 14 years working in the heating industry we have all the know how to serve your needs.

There are so many heating technicians in the field, but not all of them are qualified technicians in the area so making sure you have the right person completing your furnace repair is one of the most significant factors.

We have highly trained staff here at Tek Climate that specialize in furnace repair so that no matter what the cause of your repair or furnace service we can always get the unit working for you again.

When it comes to heating repairs, we have a flat rate call out charge, and they will quote you a flat rate charge for the fix in most circumstances meaning that you know the total cost of your furnace repair including parts and labor before the repair even begins, not confuse once the renovation is complete.

We have access to every manufacturer’s, and all of our trucks are fully stocked to make sure that we can complete the majority of furnace repairs on our first visit.

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